Bad-Guy Sketch

Around half an hours work. HTC Flyer. Advertisements

Late night quickie.

Moar HTC Flyer painting.

Got a little bored during some downtime a while back, decided id try proper painting on my wee 7inch tablet. Turned out okay I guess..

A rat.

  20 mins or so.

A couple studies

Just a couple studies from two of my favourite artists. ¬†Approx 2 hrs each. I don’t take any credit for the subject matter, simply the process in which they were painted. All rights,… Continue reading

Late Nights at work

lead to this.

Some Speed Modelling / Texturing

Total 3 hours work, including a bucketload of crashes. Unfortunately it still needs a spec map, though I’m not entirely sure I’ll go with a normal as I was attempting a hand painted… Continue reading

Mutt Animated. (Warning massive Gif’s)

Just a bit of work I did a couple weekends back.

The Wrath of Bella

  Just under an hour, AIE ConceptArt Session. Theme: Destroyer of Worlds.

Fire it Up.

Approximately three hours work, trying to paint without linework.