No other choice really. about three hours on / off. Advertisements

Morning Warm-up.

  Approximately an hour and a bit’s worth of work, mainly just dicking around.

Yeah just a little something.

About two hours work whilst trying to find inspiration for some other drawings that I never ended up doing. 

More crap


Morning Warmup.

approx 40 mins.  

Sitrep Games Speedpainting – WITH VIDEO!!!

Just a quick speedie for work.


  Approx 1hr

Mech Thumbs

    Having my tablet at home means more work to show here!! Yaay! Anywho, thought i’d give the old draw a couple mech thumbnails trick a go. Still need to get better… Continue reading

Holiday post!

Bit of a speedie at just over an hour. Good to have my proper tablet back home. 

Something or Other.

  Quickie @ work. approx. 2hrs. Tried some gradient mapping (probably went overboard on that.. )