Terminal Velocity

Soemtimes you just hit this mindset where you cant stop working on something. I’m honestly not entirely sure how long this took. *updated to fix some abhorrencies.* Advertisements

Morning warmup

about 30-40 mins rough

LifePainting. NSFW

  Been a good while since I’ve done any kind of lifedrawing / painting. Here’s a little something I threw together quickly tonight. Good fun had all ┬áround.

Yeah, A space Marine.

About 45 mins on a lazy weekend.

Om nom

Another study.

  I saw an artwork this morning that compelled me to give some clean cartoony rendering a go. Approx 1.5 hrs work.

I’ll call it fanart.

  Approx 1 hr’s worth of work. A study on Hoang Nguyens’s work “Memories lost” Tried new lighting and changing the form a little.

New point of view.

Hit me pretty hard when I realised that I barely understood perspective.. Here’s about 6 – 7 hrs work, first proper perspective illustration.

Line Drawing

About 3 hrs work.

You want some?

come get some. approx 3.5 hrs