Cthulhu inspired…

Just another artwork, this one inspired by H.P Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos Enjoy!! Advertisements

Been a long time since I rocked n rolled.

Here’s a very late update on my artistic whims. Hopefully there’s something worthwhile in this bunch..


A few sketches from the past week, some insightful, others plain interesting.

Shamanistical stuff and some new artz

A few days ago, I came across my old “massive attack” music, and found their song, Butterfly Caught. remembered the video clip to it and was instantly inspired by it’s simplistic complication. And… Continue reading

A new style to work with

I’ve been working on a major art-project over the past few days, i’ll keep you all posted on that one as I get a bit further into it, but for now; I’ve two… Continue reading

Physical Pariah’s Sketchy stuff

Here’s a few sketches to tantalize your visual senses for a little longer.

To look through the looking glass.

A few more art-works-in-progress

This is the first in line of posts including a swarthe of art

A few words before we start.

I’ve many sources of inspiration for my art, ranging from the darkness of medieval gothic to the fantasatical¬†imagery of various games. Much of my artwork revolves in some way shape or form around… Continue reading

Getting things rolling

To kick this ball and get things rolling, I’m gonna unveil the first project I’ll publicly undertake. Still a work in progress but here it is. ¬†¬†First sketched, then colour is progressively being… Continue reading