Sailing To Europe

My first work back from Europe, This one generally outlines my feelings at the time of creation. These feelings are represented through;  the sailing metaphore because I feel that I did not entirely… Continue reading

Arty goodness

Yet another Art-Rageous piece of work, Completed in about 10 hours. I’m still not entirely happy with it but this is as far as I’m willing to go with it. Not the most… Continue reading

The lovely Dorota

I took a photo of my beautiful girlfriend, Dorota. So inspired by this very photo, I decided todo a tribute painting to her beauty. Here it is.


This isnt your daddy’s cold, this is TURBO COLD I arrived in finland last night, to a town? called Joensuu (yoensu in english) and I realised a few things. 1) my shoes (skate… Continue reading


Two days ago I bought the full version of Art-Rage 2.5 and i must say im impressed. I love its simplicity, its power and its……. cool interface haha, here’s a rework of one… Continue reading

Complete at last.

late last September I bought this HP Tc1100 Tablet Pc from Ebay , It came with nothing. No OS no Pen nothing Since then I’ve been restoring it to full functionality. I’m happy… Continue reading

Overseas Stuff pt.4

Another few Photographs, First one is from the Auschwitz II- Birkenau camp outside Krakow, Poland. The second from Kuta horna, on the outskirts of Prague, Czech Republic.

Overseas Stuff pt.3

yet another artwork inspired by Europe, this first one is of a girl I met in Berlin, didnt have anything else to draw. The second one is a life-art of a girl I… Continue reading

Overseas Stuff pt.2

here’s a few more things that I’ve worked on over the past few days. The artwork was begun whilst I was high in Amsterdam lol. The second picture is of the Gates of… Continue reading

Overseas stuff pt 1