What’s in your bag?

So I saw this over at The Verge, a tech website I frequent and I thought, wow that’s a great idea.

What you’re looking at here is the gear I carry around almost every day. This is my nexus of artistic inspiration, my muses, my productivity. You might even call this My Soul.

Messenger Bag    

 So this is my bag, I honestly don’t remember it’s name, but I picked it up   from Myer in the City for just under $80. It has a single main compartment, with a few pockets for my smaller stuff. It’s durable, lightweight and very comfortable. And it looks like a prop out of Indiana Jones. WIN!

Moleskin  Sketch Book, assorted Pens  pencils, and other Stationery

This stuff is absolutely essential, I never leave home without it. I used to carry around a set of crappy old cartridge paper sketchbooks, but after picking up a set of moleskines from Sydney Airport last year I’ve not gone back.  This stuff’s always handy in case I come up with some neat new ideas.


Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet (16gb WiFi) w/ Tablet Keyboard Folio and Pen.

This thing is my mobile workhorse, it’s a first gen Android Honeycomb tablet with all the usual bells and whistles of those things with some nice additions. The Folio case allows me to do some typing / heavy note taking on the run or at College. On the other hand, the Ntrig Active Digitizer Pen allows me to sketch and draw digitally whilst on the move.  It’s a far cry in accuracy from the old Windows based tablets I’m used to but the advantages in battery and connectivity by far justify the frustration.

Dell Venue Pro 8gb

The Dell Venue Pro is hands down the best Windows Phone Device I’ve ever seen. Yes it’s a little on the chunky side, and yes it’s 4.1 inch screen is kinda big, but the combination of the device’s buttery smooth OS and the slide out portrait QWERTY keyboard make up for it. Voice calls are loud and clear, reception and data speeds are generally great, the only thing missing in my mind is WiFi Tethering, but hopefully that comes around sometime soon.

On a side note, Microsoft’s Zune service has proved itself to be more than worth the $11 a month. Full streaming of their entire catalouge straight to my phone, whenever I feel like it? Yes please!

 Imation Apollo 256Gb HDD and Sandisk 8gb USB Key.

I’ve owned the Imation longer than any of my other devices, I bought it mid 2008 for something like $300 on special from JB Hi Fi. That’ll get you something like a 2TB Network Storage device nowadays. But this little baby has served me well over the years. I especially love the little shock case it came in, that cord pouch is such a simple and efficient idea.

Couldnt care less for the Sandisk on the other hand. I lose those things faster than I lose direction.

Both are entirely essential for College and work, it’s always nice to have backups and files handy.

 Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch (2010)

This thing is an absolute piece of crap. It feels like I’m drawing on rubber, it looks like something out of the late 90’s and I’d love to sell it. (Hellooo Josh) That all said I keep it in my bag because it saves me bothering having to hire out a Wacom from College when I’m working away there.

Sony DVR-V150iP Stereo Headset with mic

These cans are the latest addition to my bag. Unfortunately the Mic only works with iPhone, so I’ll need to do some adjusting to the pins. That aside the audio quality is quite nice, they’re very comfortable and the cable is thankfully not four kilometers long. Picked these up on a special for $60 from Dick Smith. Definitely don’t regret it.

Crappy HTC Headset.

Just in case I need to take a call. Otherwise, Bleh.

 Queens Slipper Playing Cards

Since 2004 I’ve carried a deck of cards with me. I’m always coming up with new ideas for games, or running into situations where I need to explain something. Having some kind of visual aid that can be easily abstracted is invaluable.

I may cram my bag as full as possible,  and prepare for situations that may never occur, but still it’s paid off more than enough times to have everything I need at my fingertips.

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Happy travels all.