This isnt your daddy’s cold, this is TURBO COLD

I arrived in finland last night, to a town? called Joensuu (yoensu in english) and I realised a few things. 1) my shoes (skate shoes) do not mix well with slush (yes the type you have in those slushie drinks, you know flavoured ice.) and Snow. 2) I realised that in australia our paltry 0C is not as cold as -5C.

I managed to stumble for half an hour to my “hostel” which turned out to be nothing more than a summer camp for kids, What those poor Finnish people thought when they saw me, feet frozen solid, head dripping with sweat, I dont know.

I awoke this morning tired, cold and lonely. Despite that Im still rather enthusiastic about seeing the countryside of Finland, just gotta get some boots….