A few words before we start.

I’ve many sources of inspiration for my art, ranging from the darkness of medieval gothic to the fantasatical imagery of various games.
Much of my artwork revolves in some way shape or form around a sense of fantasy, be it outlandish fantasy in which the human form is changed and manipulated, to the sublime fantasy of subtle voyeurism in my portraits of friends family and assorted peoples.
This in a sense reflects who I am as a person, or more accurately, the way in which i percieve the world i reside in. Boundaries constantly blur, reality and fantasy mix.
I remember once I studied into the effects of hallucionogens on the human brain. When released into the bloodstream the chemicals “open” or “bridge” the brains creative complex, basically sending a flood of your imagination straight to the senses.

I wouldnt be at all surprised if i were to find that my very own creative complex is naturally more “open” than that of other people. At times I see things that should not be there. Days may *feel* wrong, too much light exposure not enough noise. Nightmares plague my sleep leaving me with not a fear but  a *dread* of sleep therefore attributing to my general lack of sleep.

All of this relates quite openly back to my artistic inspirations. The darkness of my art has direct correlation back to the darkness of my subconscious. The one thing i hope to achieve artistically is to represent my *Dreams* through a visual medium from which others may glimpse into who i really am.

To finish today’s post, here’s a few sketch’s to munch on.

face-sketch.jpg        the-good-doctor-pt1.jpg