iPad Mini sketches

So one of my various tools for digital art is the original iPad Mini with a Wacom intuos creative stylus. Here’s a couple results from random doodles using Wacom’s fantastic bamboo paper app.… Continue reading

Some quick studies.

Just some quick comps / studies. Overall probably an hour all up.

Magazines n shit.

So somewhere along the line the boys at Flat Earth games managed to land a front cover illustration on Indie Game Mag. They needed a hand so I did what I could. Check… Continue reading

Some more lifepainting.

Approximately four hours, online reference used.

Coming to terms.

  Part IV. Approximately eight hours.


  First pass, roughly three and a bit hours work. Might end up polishing this one out properly.

Wash it Down

Part III

Value Study.

  What like two hours or something.. ?

Something on my chest.

My Head’s a mess.

  blah blah blah.